Exploration Proposal

I, Dylan Settle, am here January 3, 1515 to speak to you about the extravagance and the opportunities of going to North America.  

They say that in North America, that there are palaces made entirely of gold and Jewels. By going to North America all of this could be ours.

Think of all of the energy sources we could find if we go to North America. If we dig deep enough we could find coal, we could chop down trees, all to make the energy resources we need more of for our daily wants.

Keep in mind, that as we speak, Spain is sending other explorers out. For what? I can not answer that without more knowledge, and that's why I desperately need to go.

I am truly sorry, but in order to go I need the money to buy the proper tools and ships. Without a compass I know not of the direction to go, without the proper ships, we would fall through at the slightest touch, need I go on?  

I will also need enough food. But, even if we had mountains of food we would still face obstacles like disease and starvation of the lesser members of the crew.

As we speak Spain, my home country, is already sending people to North America. I am not asking you, Queen Anne of Cleves, for me. If it was for me I would be asking Spain. This is for the sake of England and if you know what is right for your country you will say yes.

In our Journeys, if we happen to run into the American Indians we will do our best to bring peace. But there is no talking to them about peace it shall result to war.

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