Good customer service- If the business gives you good customer service then the customers will visit again making them loyal to the brand , and will  recommend the service to others

Good quality products- It is necessary that the business has good quality products, lasting longer and meeting the needs of a customer, this would make the customers  loyal to the brand.  For example an apple product, such as an iPhone would be improved with better features or lighter weight.

Reasonable prices- attracting customers to the brand because of the price of the product and quality price,

Reliability- If the company is reliable you can trust the brand.


The benefits that branding and differentiation bring:

  • Making better features and improving another product making it your own.
  • Quality
  • good prices
  • Unique products

Problems that branding and differentiation can bring:

  • customers can leave the brand
  • If customers don't like it they won't recommend it

Suman Sahota