A day in the life of an Indonesian student.

5:30 A.M.:She wakes up and it's dark. She has breakfast with her sister including:rice, chicken and vegetables with an iced chocolate drink.

7:00 A.M.:She likes to play gamelan, a traditional Balinese music, when she has free time.

7:20 A.M.:Her and her sister pray at the temple and their mother blesses them for a good day.

7:45 A.M.:Before school her and her friends take a walk on the rice fields and sweep the playground to make it look neater.

10:00 A.M.:She and her friends study reading, writing, math, and science in school.

12:00 P.M.:School ends and she goes home where her dog, Blackie greets her.

1:00 P.M.:Her and her sister like to nap in the middle of the day because, it is to hot to even think about doing anything outside.

2:00 P.M.:She wants to be a Balinese dancer when she grows up.

3:00 P.M.:Her dad picks up her and her sister from dance classes and when she gets home she watches T.V. and plays with blackie.

5:00 P.M.:Sometimes her dad takes her to see her aunt that lives across the city, they travel through the rice fields.

6:30 P.M.:At this time they eat dinner, then, at 7:30 P.M. she washes and gets ready for bed.

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