European Proposal to the New World

This is for Individuals and Societies.

I would like to leave on an expedition in 1497 to the North American continent. I am from the country of Italy. I am asking England to help me fund the expedition. The leader of England during this time is King Henry VII. The main resources England was looking for was new lands to claim. I will be looking for new lands for King Henry VII. I want to find new lands because I know that England wants to claim land in this new continent; I also want to find some treasures because I could use the treasure I find or I could sell the treasure and make money. I am planning to land in Newfoundland in Canada because that is on the eastern side of this continent and I am in sailing to North America from the east side. France and Spain are also planning to explore this new continent. The specific resources that they are looking for are gold, riches, and unexplored lands. If I encounter Native peoples or other European Explorers I would tell them to go explore somewhere else or I would try to make peace with them and not have a fight. The obstacles I expect to encounter are I to run out of food and the way to overcome that is to limit the food we eat. I also know that people will die from sicknesses and the solution to that is stay away from the people who became sea sick or caught a disease.


Explorer Marco

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