Orion Reynolds
1st Period- Tech 2

Get It Legally

It's always better to get things legally.

Piracy is an illegal act that involves getting copyrighted material for free. Instead of saying, "Oh, they already have millions of dollars, I'm sure just one copy wouldn't hurt", think about it. What if you were the creator. Think about it, if you already had millions of dollars, and one person pirates, then you wouldn't be affected. However, if more and more people do it, then eventually, you won't have any money, and your money would be virtually taken from you, the rightful owner!

When you pirate, you not only steal, but break the law. Pirating is a federal offense, and can be punishable by a hefty fine and possible prison. So next time you really want something, think about it. Do you want to pay $19.99 for a DVD/Blu-Ray combo, or do you want to pay up to $250,000, as well as up to 5 years in prison?

Consider that.