Zayne Talala

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Hi my name is Zayne and I am 13 years old. I love playing video games and talking to my friends. I have one sibling and her name is Elle. My friends are very important to me and I like to hang out with them and play online with them. My favorite subject is science because it fascinates me. Family guy and South Park are my two favorite shows. My favorite movies are This Is The End and Ted.  I am very short for my age and I hear it from everybody at least once a day that I am short but that does not really bother me anymore. My best friend is Zachary but he does not go to this school. We have known each other since the fourth grade and ever since then we have been best friends. I think part of the reason we became such good friends is because our names both start with Z's, we both have little sisters, we both have a severe nut allergy, we both have asthma, we have the same sense of humor, and we both love video games. My nut allergy  is very hard to deal with sometimes. People usually don't know how severe it is. For example at restaurants, I have to really explain how severe it is so I don't have an attack. I am also very opinionated for example I think a child should have a mental state evaluation test every year before they go to the next school grade, because of all the mentally unstable students there are sometimes shootings and I would like to stop that from happening so frequently.

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