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Comet C/1995, A.K.A Hale-Bopp Is a relatively known comet spotted on April 1st 1995 and caused 39 deaths by suicide.  The people who sighted this large-sized comet were named Allen Hale and Thomas Bopp thus giving its name of "Hale-Bopp". This comet is also known to be one of the most studied comet by scientists.

Allen Hale and Thomas Bopp

Allen Hale and Thomas Bopp, as you now know, are the discovers of the Hale-Bopp. When they discovered the comet, It was at 7.17 AU. 1 AU is equal to 93 million miles. That's close! As you probaly knew, ALL comets are named after their founders, Obusily the name is Hale-Bopp because both of them sighted it, and the letter "C" in the name C/1995 01 means it is not expected to come into our Solar-System until a long time....

Hale-Bopp Dimensions And features

The Hale Bopp is a large Comet, And here are the dimensions...

Mass: Not Determined

Composition: Frozen Gas, and rocks

Nucleus size: 37 Miles

The Hale-Bopp also has different featured! Here they are

Distance from sun: 317 AU

Rotation period: 11.4 Hours

Revolution Period: 2,392 Years

Atmosphere: N/A

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