An Organisation that Makes the Difference

Aids Community Care Montreal is an organisation that was created in 1987 to help people that suffer from HIV and AIDS. Their main goal is to build a community of people that receives all the support and the help they need. In fact, they are working to enhance the quality of life of people living with that disease, prevent the transmission and promote the awareness and the action. This organisation depends on volunteers because without them it wouldn’t work out; they are the base of this association. ACCM targets the Anglophone community of Montreal and it’s a non-profit organisation.

They created several projects for the community to educate them about this disease which is not known for everybody. First of all, there is SextEd. It is a sexual health text messaging project created for the youth. They can ask questions about sex without being judged and they have the best answer they could possibly have without anyone knowing they asked that question to someone. Secondly, they created a Teacher’s toolkit. More exactly, it is a set of lessons plans and resources for teachers to help them talk about sexual health in their classes. They created several more projects, but finally I am going to present you Kontak. That project has for goal to lower STI’s transmission by delivering safer sex supplies to the community of Montreal.

They also give a lot of support for the people that have HIV and AIDS. The organisation was created at first to enhance the quality of their life and to break their isolation. The people that live with the disease have access to individual resources or to group sessions. They especially are not left alone.

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