FACULTAD DE ARQUITECTURA                                                FAUAS

Carrillo Duarte Uriel Cesain   Grupo: 7

The Faculty of Architecture of the UAS is a complex of 5 buildings with two levels each where administrative , educational and service activities are concentrated.

The Faculty of Architecture has 25 classrooms, a library, computer room, luma, address, classrooms for teacher, an esplanade where made exhibits or working models. There are tables where students perform activities or work also has an auditorium.

FAUAS also has recreational areas , parks and large spaces for parking. within recreational areas are two interior spaces , one with roof with steel structure workshop where work and other activities that require a lot of space are made. the other square is outdoors but with lots of vegetation and furniture for work.

In architecture also enables racing Interior Design and Planning recently added to the UAS are taught .

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