5 tips for online safety- Ace McKinnis

5 tips for online safety is...

1.Don't tell anybody your password. This is pretty obvious, if you tell someone your password they can easily access your account and post things have access to your info.

2.Don't use your real name. If you do, make sure you have parents permission and your account is private. Example:Ace McKinnis:wrong, ScienceGuy15:right

3.If somebody says mean things do something about it. Then either block them, tell an adult and keep the messages to show that adult

4.Be nice to other people. Don't say mean things to people. It could get you in trouble and if it goes far enough you can owe a fine.

5.Don't trust everyone you meet online. Only trust them if you know that you know them. Sometimes you have no idea who is behind that computer screen

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