Selena Gomez

By: Ja'Coria Moore

Selena Gomez is known for her Disney channel show called "Wizards Of Waverly Place". She also know for her famous song called "Come & Get it". Before all her fame she was on Barney. Which gave her more confidence to do more acting.

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Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, TX.

Before all of her fame she had little things. Both of her parents weren't together. Her mom was a single mother at the age of 16. Which led to financial troubles. Her mom got remarried and the husband had a daughter named Gracie ElliotTeefey. Then she got a role in barney, for a total of 16 episodes. After barney, she got a role in spy kids, then in the suite life of zack & cody etc.

Selena was famous when she was little. She was in Barney, suite life of zack & cody, and spy kids. As she gotten older she was appearing in more movies. Soon enough she started singing. Her first song was a success.

Selena has been in many organizations. Such as, St Judes Hospital "Runaway For Life" benefit, The charity island Dog, Raise hope for the Congo "Enough Project", and Disney's "Friends For Change".

I choose Selena Gomez because she is an amazing singer, and a independent young women. She's fierce and sets examples for young women. She's a very good actress, and singer.

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