A Christmas Carol

Audiobook, online text, and other resources

Hello Grade 10s! For our next unit, we will be reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Below I have embedded the audio version of the story, separated into five staves. I have also included the link to the online text copy that is annotated with various explanations and videos. Finally, I have provided links to information on a few of the stronger adaptations and parodies of A Christmas Carol. If you struggle with the 'old-fashioned' language Dickens uses, watching an adaptation may guide you through later reading. However, there are significant differences between the original text and the various adaptations. As a result, adaptations should not be used to replace the reading, but to supplement it.

Stave 1

Stave 2

Stave 3

Stave 4

Stave 5

Adaptations (Faithful)

A Christmas Carol, 1951
A Christmas Carol, 1984
A Christmas Carol, 2009

Adaptations (Fun)

Mickey's Christmas Carol, 1983
Scrooged, 1988
The Muppet Christmas Carol, 1992
Tis The Fifteenth Season, The Simpsons S15E07, 2003
A Christmas Carol, Dr. Who, S06E0, 2010

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