Dance Pad XTREME

For children ages AWESOME to EXTREME


Our project is an interactive dancing game that requires the player to step on the arrow keys placed on the floor according to what appears on the game (flashflashrevolution).


We wish to provide people with a source of entertainment that can be played indoors and outdoors, making it possible to enjoy anywhere and everywhere. Because some schools don’t have places to play or exercise when raining, snowing, etc., we would like to make an outdoor game that is possible to play indoors.


We believe that exercise is an important factor to leading a happy, healthy life and should not be stopped by rainy days or bad weather. That is why we created the Dance Pad XTREME to enable people to have an interactive, fun exercise experience when it isn't possible to do outdoors.


To make our Dance Pad, we painted a single large piece of cardboard, covered four smaller rectangular pieces in foil and drew arrows on them, stuck the smaller rectangular cardboard pieces on the larger piece in the four cardinal directions using sticky tack, made small holes on the larger piece of cardboard under the area where the smaller pieces are, attach wires/alligator clips to the foil undersides of the smaller cardboard pieces using electrical tape and inserted them through the small hole to hide the wires under the larger board, attached the wires to the makeymakey motherboard, connected it to a computer, and attached the ground clip to a band to enable play. The design was supposed to have wires running over the board initially, but we changed this and instead made holes under the board to hid the wires to make the the game board more presentable.


Thinking of the project itself was an easy task to do. We were inspired after seeing a similar project on the makeymakey website and decided to create our own version of it. However, making the actual Dance Pad was quite challenging to do because we had to think of a way to hide the wires.