Laniyas independent reading project.

Mia's life was normal until her and her family got into a tragic car accident on a trip to see her grandparents. Mia's parents were clarified dead at the scene. Her and her younger brother teddy werect rushed to the hospital. Mia is in horrible conditions she isn't even capable of breathing on her own, her brother Teddy is dead and she is the only one left. Mia now has to make a life changing choice. Will Mia choose to stay or will she decide to let go?

Mia is being forced to choose between life or death. She wants to stay so she could be with the love of her life Adam and her best friend Kim. She was also just got accecepted to Julliard the school of her dreams. Does she leave this behind to be with her parents and younger brother or will she stay and continue her life? Mia feels like she had nothing left to live for She is confused and scared.  One minute she is in the car driving to visit her grandparents the next minute she is standing outside of her body wondering what went wrong. "sometimes in life you have to make choices and sometimes choices make you"

I would suggest this book to anybody because it teaches us about how sometimes in life you have to make really hard choices and sometimes you have to think about others feelings before you think about your own.

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