Acme Dog Whistle- An Effective Instrument To Train Your Dog

Whistle training is generally done by herders or hunters to control their dogs when they are out in the fields. This training is a technique utilized by numerous professional and beginning dog trainers, especially for training a dog to hunt. It uses a unique whistle called a silent dog whistle to give commands to a dog and to get its attention. These types of whistles are manufactured by many companies, but Acme Whistle Company is the most popular one. An Acme silent dog whistle produces sounds in extremely high frequency ranges, out of which the most parts of the sound are inaudible to the people. Dogs have acute hearing and can recognize the whistle's sounds even when they are at a considerable distance. When this whistle is blown, your dog hears a loud, distinct whistle, while you might only hear your breath coming out of it.

It involves training a dog to respond to the sound produced by the whistle. Once your pet learns to respond to the sound, you will be able to call your dog or get its attention without shouting, even if, it is far away or out of sight. An Acme dog whistle produces a sound that is high pitched, but when this whistle is used properly, it would not result in impaired hearing of your dog in any way and would not harm the ears of your dog. For many individuals, whistle training gives them a method of seeking attention of their dog, but its long range potentialities can make it a valuable addition to other training techniques and methods. Whistle training can be very effective, especially for training herding or gun dogs that work at some distance from their owners. When united with particular hand signals, whistle training can assist you train your dog to perform a plethora of commands from a distance, which include coming, moving in a particular direction, or sitting.

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