Cáritas Foundation

About them

They are  a humanitarian organization of the Catholic Church 163 national organizations which includes relief, development and social service. It was founded in 1867 in the German city of Freiburg.

What do they do ?

Caritas is dedicated to fighting poverty, exclusion, intolerance and discrimination. Enables people with fewer resources to participate in matters that directly affect their lives, and intercede for them in national and international forums. It also helps people at risk of social exclusion, giving them home for a few days, providing food and basic health services.

Where it all started?

All started in Germany after "World War" Caritas Germany increased its activities in the distribution of aid, in the early sixties foreign volunteers arrived to help the victims of both natural disasters and the post-war.

How can help  ?

You can help with some aids , food , milk for children´s , clothes and everything you can do for them! God Bless You!

• Added words

-Relief : In spanish "Alivio"

-Fewers : In spanish "Pocos "

-Risk : In spanish "Riesgo"

-Both : In spanish language "Ambos "

Well this text was written by my "Juan Eugenio Fantin" to my teacher "Amanda Busso "

She is my english teacher , i hope all is well .

Greetings !

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