The Three Agents

By: Kameryn Mckone


    There are three agents that live in a small town called Danville. The Three Agents include Agent G for Agent Goldfish, Agent P for Agent Penguin, and last but certainly not least Agent T for Agent Turtle. They work together to fight Danville's worst villains...... Goldy and Lox. Always using their schema, the three agents are always ready to fight the meanest crimes!

This crime seen tape represents the crimes that Goldy and Lox commit.

Chapter one

It was November 13, 2007,  Agent T, P, and G were taking a walk. There are rumors that Goldy and Lox have been planning to do something new and devious. They always walk past Goldy and Lox's laboratory to see if any plans are being made because the whole lab is made up of glass so they can see right into it.

"I'd like to see a tornado hit that building!" Said Agent G and they all started laughing.

This is a picture of a person laughing to represent the agents laughing.

Chapter two

They were on their way back home when they saw a piece of newspaper flying across the street. Agent P walked over and picked it up. On the front cover it read, " GOLDY AND LOX'S NEW PLAN!"

Chapter three

"What new plan? Why don't we know about this "new plan"?. said Agent P.

"Just read on." said Agent T curiously.

"Okay." he said. The newspaper said, "Goldy and Lox have a devious new plan! They are going to create a device to make everyone in Danville under their control!"

"But that's defiantly not going to happen in this town!" said Agent P

This is the newspaper that Agent P picked up off of the road that was talking about how Goldy and Lox ha a new plan.

chapter four

The Three Agents were once again spying  on Goldy and Lox. They were going to eat lunch.

"Perfect! Now we can get in the lab while they're gone and see what they were really up to!" said Agent G as the two others agreed.

chapter five

This is a picture of a secret lab. This is similar to the one that Goldy and Lox had.

Once they got into the lab, there were devices everywhere! They could tell was their newest one because it was the only one with extra light shinning down on it. And it had a sign that said "Newest Project!" on it. "All they had to do is find a way to shut it down. "Hey, here's a shut down button!" Said Agent G.

"Very good! Why would they put a button in there that said "shut down" on it? I mean that is just being clueless!" and they all started laughing. Finally, they pressed the shut down button. It was so good because it blew up al of the other devices including the one that was going to put everyone under their control!

This the shutdown button that The Three Agents pressed to shut down allv of the machines.

Chapter six

One week later, Goldy and Lox left town. Their lab had gotten torn down and everyone went to The Three Agent's house and celebrated that the two meanest villains were gone! Everyone was so happy and Danville was saved!

This is all of the people cheering when Goldy and Lox left town.

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