Biometrics in Schools

By Khrys'tena and Kadijah

What is Biometrics?

Biometrics is use of finger prints, retina scans, or other body features as an authentication mechanism.

As a student would you be happy to submit your data to a system? or if you were a parent,would you be happy for your child's data to be held in the same way?

Disadvantages of Biometrics

-The cost that is implemented can affect schools.

-Interference with religion.

-Hackers can access the failed system and take information.

-False readings can cause problems.

-Unreliable data can cause a mix up.

-Storage can cause problems.

-False reading for someone with artificial body parts

Advantages of Biometrics

-Processes is quicker.

-Low risk of forgery.

-Identity cant be stolen or lost easily.

-Shorten lines by 30-40%

-Increase time to eat

-Helps with reimbursements


Biometrics in school are a efficient thing to use but the question is

So is biometrics helpful for our children?

From a parent's POV would you want you child in a system that could cause chaos and confusion if not properly taken care of , Or would u want to enroll your child into a program that the propose would help .

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