Corporate Gifts That Will Help Clients and Bosses Remember You Better

What's the point of handing out gifts branded with your company's name when people who received it will forget about it?

Enough with the forgettable and basic giveaways, you need to give something that will represent your company as stand-out and highly usable. Wanna know what corporate gifts won't fail to make the recipients remember your brand? I have listed below the top notch gifts perfect for your business.

Off-the-market products

The best way to treat your hard-working employees and loyal customers is by letting them know they are special. How do you do that? You give them a product not yet released in the market. When you made them feel special, it would be easy for them to remember your brand – your very goal! Also, you will gain insight about how well received your products yet to be released.


Sending a big thank you to the employees and customers who made your business thrive is a very important task. You should show your gratitude to them by giving away wine. It might even give you reasons to throw a celebration.


Let's face it! We are all looking forward to journals as branded corporate gifts yearly. No matter what brand is in it, we will gladly take it because we know we can use it.

Cool Flash Drives

One time I saw a flash drive corporate gift. It was designed as a cork placed inside a bottle. It is beyond cool. That's what you want your gifts to be. So cool that anyone would want to have it or even willing to buy one.

Desktop displays

When you are providing corporate gifts for businessmen or your target client, it would be helpful if your gift is something they will remember you for. You have tons of choices for desktop displays. Some of the best ones I havve seen before: wooden artisan compass, engraved 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, glass globe terrarium kit, wooden transformers and engraved diamond paperweight.

Technology cases

Everyone always carries a phone or tablet nowadays, it would be a great if you would hand your recipients one. Just make sure they look really good so they will use it. Once they use it, you know it will be a great promotional platform for your brand!


Maybe one of the most common business corporate gifts out there together with journals. It is timeless because it is too useful for a working class recipient. Everyone needs a tumbler whether at work, at gym, anywhere!