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Our company is based out of Kaitaia, New Zealand, where we offer an array of attractions and activities for you to enjoy. We also cover your transportation needs for travelling all throughout the beautiful country of New Zealand. Buy a pass today!

Attraction Listings

A. Visit the 800 year old tree in Pohutukawa

B.Visit the 90 mile beach near Cape Reinga

C. Go sand boarding at 90 mile beach

D. Picnick or surf at Pohutukawa Bay

E. Cliff Jumping at North Cape Surville

F. Visit Cape Reinga's lighthouse

G. Visit Gumdigger's park!

Ac Sani Travel Company only provides an attractions listing for the Kaitaia area.

Environmental Sustainability Plan

Travel Advisory

There is no nationwide alerts for travelling in New Zealand, but always take normal safety precautions. Passports and other official documents should be secure at all times. Driving conditions change according to weather, which should always be in mind. Traffic drives on the left, and in emergency situations, please dial 111. Remind yourself that you are eligible to local laws, so should you be aware of them. New Zealand's currency is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), which exchanges from 1 Canadian dollar to 1.12 NZD's. Volcanoes and earthquakes are common, and precautions should be taken regarding these environmental disasters. Always respect local cultures and beliefs while travelling. More information found at

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