By: Abhinav, Franco and Ossaid

Forestry In Canada


Forestry is a very important primary industry in Canada. Almost half of Canada's total land surface is covered by forests and tress, nearly 400 million hectors.  There are about 600 000 people connected directly and indirectly with forestry. In this tackk, we will be talking about how forestry contributes to the economy, what are some of the environmental challenges and how we can sustain our forests.

How forestry helps the economy

Forestry is a Major contributor in Canada's economy. The forest industry in Canada employs about 600 thousand people, largely in harvesting, milling, processing and manufacturing jobs. There are 216 000 people in jobs that are connected directly with forestry. While there are 350 000 people in jobs that are indirectly connected to forestry. In 2013 forest exports were worth around $19.8 billion, which is about 1.25% of Canada's GDP. Canada has the worlds largest product trade balance- C$19.3 billion.

Forestry Exports

Forest industry direct employment

Environment challenges


These are some environmental impacts involving our industry. Our industry will remove forests in the area and destroying animal habitats. There will be no more trees and it will takes years for a tree to grow back. Trees hold the soil in the ground and if there are no trees, erosion will be a serious problem, without trees there will be less oxygen made, if the forest was all cleared it would turn into a desert, the trees absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses without the trees the green house affect will grow stronger, trees also provide shade for people and animals and make the summers cooler. We can fix this by cutting down less trees and growing more trees, reuse the wood and making sure the animal habitats are not effected when doing our jobs.

These are the challenges this industry will face. There will be environmental groups that won't allow us to cut down trees, animal habitats are in the forests, there will also be towns that don't want us to cut down trees and weather/climate conditions can effect the process of collecting lumber.

Is Forestry Sustainable?

Since 1992 Canada was committed to develop an approach. It was called "sustainable forest management" (SFM). Different from the timber-focused management from the past, SFM is a system that works to meet the need for maintaing a healthy growing forest, while at the same time, extracting the resources to help our forest economy. We can not truly make a Sustainable forest industry, but they can try our best. Being environmentally friendly and maintaining a strong economy is not easy.


In your words, how is the Canadian forest industry sustaining it's forest?

What else can we do to our industry to make it more eco friendly?

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