Ch 14: Mr. Fogg

1. On the train ride to Calcutta, Fogg and Passepartout meet Sir Francis Cromarty.  Sir Francis enjoyed nature and everything around them while Fogg is just trying to get around the world as fast as he can. He knows almost as much about the customs, history, and character of India and its people as it's natives. Mr. Fogg doesn't seem to care about what would happen to Passepartout. It shows that Fogg care more about winning this bet than what would happen to his servant.

2. The train stopped because there was no more rail. The papers had said the train rail was finished when it really wasn't. Fogg says that it is not a problem since they had already gained two days and when they couldn't find a car he said they would walk. I don't think his problem solving skills are all that great.

3. When the men are on their way to the next train station they come across a women who appears to be part of a suttee. A suttee is quite strange in that it's a human sacrifice, but a willing one. If the women did not sacrifice herself than her family and others would look down on her, "they would shave off her hair, feed her on a scanty allowance of rice, treat her with contempt: she would be looked upon as an unclean creature and would die in some corner, like a scurvy dog."

When Fogg is told that she will be burned alive he does something very unlike himself, he decides to try to save her. This is strange because he seems so focused on winning the bet and did not seem to care about what would happen to Passepartout if he was found. Sir Francis was just as surprised because he said "Why, you are a man of heart!" to which Fogg replied "Sometimes, when I have the time."

This changes how we see Fogg because he never seemed to care about anything really. He seemed to only care about winning the wager that he would go around the world in eighty days. It's strange for us to see him showing us how he is human and does have a heart, he just doesn't show it much.

The reason Fogg decided to save her is unclear but I'll assume that it's because he's human and most humans I know could never sit back and watch someone they could help die. I also think that Fogg want's people to think that he is uncaring, how else can someone be so cold hearted unless they tried very hard to be. Either Mr. Fogg tries to seem heartless or he hides his heart because something awful happened to him when he didn't hide it.

All in all I think that we don't know enough about Fogg to assume he is this or that. I think that he will continue to surprise and disappoint us. He will do this because no matter how hard it is to see right now he does have a heart.  

4. Sir Francis and Mr. Fogg discuss how Passepartout broke the law by entering the temple in Bombay. Mr. Fogg explains that it is Passepartout's problem no his. It was a little of a surprise because I didn't think someone could be that cold to someone who they have been working with. Mr. Fogg has reacted to the other set backs with indifference so it shouldn't have been such a surprise to see how he reacted to Passepartout's problem.