Activity 1

The primary reinforcement is buying the Budweiser and the secondary reinforcement is you getting the women. The woman in the picture lures you to buy the beer.

This game of war ad tries to lure you by the woman in the middle and the action in  the background. The primary reinforcer is the game and the secondary reinforcer is the woman.

The Fancy Feast ad wants you to buy its cat food with the elegantly place foods making you feel more high class. Primary reinforcer is the cat food and secondary reinforcer is the pleasing feeling you get from buying food.  

The Reinforcers are a nice looking car and feeling manly.

the primary outcome is going to buy the car, the secondary outcome is staying with dodge.

to display their product in the hopes you will but it.

This commercial is reinforced by lego because "everyone loves legos" and that it a preview of the upcoming movie

the primary outcome is People going to see the movie. the secondary outcome is People talking about the movie/commercial(telling friends)

Activity 2

A person would learn the intensity of smoking cigarettes. PRO: The young people would see cigarettes as a very negative thing. CON: The young people would see any peer of theirs very negative. Its close to what parents and educators would want but more graphic.  

They would learn that gun are wrong and always cause death. PRO: They learn that there is much gun violence in the world. CON: They think protecting yourself isn't worth it. It would of educators but parents it would depend.

A person would learn nothing but other peoples lives. PRO: They learn better reading skills and CONS: They learn about the lives of celebrity to reflect on there own live of being such a depressing thing. No this does not reflect what teachers and parents want to teach  

From books you could learn life stories facts and fantasies. pros for teens being exposed to this type of media are they can learn to dreams that are plausible and what others have and haven't been able to to.  cons for this media are that they can cause you to try to follow ideas that are impossible. books do not always reflect what we are thaught.

films can teach you horror, information, fun, or happiness. pros for this media are they can help you learn, teach you the wrongs of life. and possibly guide you. cons of this media are they can scare you or give you misinformation or even outdated information. film can be similar to our education but you do not remember everything from a film.

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