Wonder Character in Spotlight: Jack Will

Characters tie to theme

The theme that impacts Jack the most is Happiness and sadness at the same time. I think that because in some parts of the stories people always are around him and then he is happy and also in some parts people leave him because he is friends with August and then he gets sad. I would feel sad and happy too during that school year.

Characters Influences

I think Jack was influenced by August because it showed him now that it is not what you look on the outside but on the inside. The reason I say this is because Jack didn't want to help August at the beginning but then he met him and he changed his mind about it. The biggest person Jack had an influence on would be August. I think that because that was his first friend in middle school and he helped August get through the school year. This really changes the story because from then on out August would be noticed as a nice and cool kid.

Art Representation

The painting shown is called the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. This represents to me when Jack is with all of his friends at the end of the (war). I chose this because I realize everyone deserves a second chance in life even when people don't think they deserve one.

Character Analysis