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How does an organization apply for a grant?

The grant application guidelines are available.

Our organization has applied for, but not yet received our 501(c)(3) exemption letter. Can we still apply?

No. The IRS determination letter must be included with the proposal.

How many copies of proposals are needed?

Only one copy of the proposal is required.

How often does the board meet to review proposals?

The Board of Trustees normally meets once a year, usually in December.

What if the deadline of November 15th falls on a weekend?

If November 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, proposals are due in our office the preceding Friday by 4:00PM.

Does our proposal have to be postmarked by November 15th or in your office by November 15th?

Proposals must be in our office by 4:00PM on November 15th. Please allow ample time for mailing.


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