Water Diversions

Aral Sea

(1) The Aral Sea borders both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, former Soviet Republics.(2) There are 2 rivers that supply the Aral Sea; the Amu Darya and Syr Darya.(3) The Uzbekistan government is responsible for the plight of the Aral Sea.(4) The Aral Sea was being diverted to be used for agriculture in the desert region.(5) The Aral Sea was also used for fishing, transportation, and recreation for the local inhabitants.(6) As a result of the constant use of the fading of the Aral Sea, wild life began to suffer from waste of boats like metal that changed the salinity of the water to be toxic.(7) Because of this, the fishing industry declined as well as transportation and agricultural.(8) This case similar to that of the Salton Sea, where both the loss of wildlife and profits of the resource devastated the local community. The only difference between each of the situations was the location of these events. (9) Today the Aral "Sea" is more of a small lake within a desert. (10) The people of the surrounding area suffered from the polluted water; economically the lack of fish made the fisheries almost impossible. Runoff from agriculture caused the people to develop brain damage, liver failure, and reproductive problems.(11) The government wishes to build two canals that will connect the Volga and the ob rivers from Russia to the sea. The structures would allow the recovery from drought.(12) In California, the Mono Lake featured similar problems, where the government diverted the water for agricultural and industrial use, eventually becoming barren and ruining the environment.(13) The Lake was used to supply the surrounding area due to the increasing population.

(14) Problems similar to the Aral Sea
1. River flow became diverted
2. Loss of aquatic life
3. Loss of economic opportunities

(15) Different problems from the Aral Sea
1. Climate is not as devastating
2. Mono Lake is within a more developed region

(16) The Mono Lake Committee wished to fix these problems by educating the public to conserve resources.

The Colorado River

(17) The Aral Seas and the Salton Sea was a hub for irrigating water and fisheries. The Colorado is also used for irrigation, and even provides hydroelectric power and reaction.

(18) 3 ways the diversion influences on the Colorado River differ from the Aral and Salton Sea
1. Colorado River provided hydroelectric power
2. Aral Sea was a more popular mean of transportation than the Colorado River
3. The Seas were also used for irrigation while the Colorado was used for reaction.

(19) Tributary: A river/stream flowing into a larger body of water

(20) The source of the Colorado River is the La Poudre Pass Lake located in the Rocky Mountains National Park. (21) Tributary: Gunnison River, Source: Silver Jack Reservoir. Tributary: Green River, Source: Wind River Range of Wyoming. Tributary: San Juan River, Source: San Juan Mountains. (22) The most important origin is found the Rocky Mountains.  (23) The Colorado River Compact decides where the water systems goes.(24) Watershed is a ridge of land that separates water flowing from different bodies of water.(25) The Colorado River resource is divided by a upper and lower basin.(26) Individual states use the water for irrigation, electrical power, and reaction.(27) Some of the conflicts that have arisen over water use include farmers needing electrical power and water to grow crops, while civilians need water for everyday use and electricity.(28) Some of these conflicts between public and private use have managed under control programs like the Colorado River Basin Salinity growth program. The secretary of the interior executes the program to control salinity.

(29) In Mexico, water become diverted before it can be maintained.