The Industrial Revolution

Exploring the Industrial Revolution

What was the Industrial Revolution?

-The industrial revolution was when the people started transitioning to factory work and manufacturing instead of homemade.

-It started in 1760 and ended somewhere between 1820 and 1840

How was the Industrial Revolution Started?

-The Industrial Revolution first started in Britain and then came to the US.

-People before the Ind. Rev. would have crop lands and live on villages, with very little manufacturing.

-The main reason why manufacturing became more used was because a Steamboat was created.

-Then the Ind. Rev. was growing rapidly.

Working Class and Their Conditions

-Many people in the working class that worked in factories has been replaced with machines and some lost their jobs.

-Children of the working class started at the age of 15 working and had been paid minimal wage.

-The Adults worked 5-7 days a week and worked over half of the day.

-They felt alienated sometimes because they were also being cancelled out by the machines.

Ideas That Came Out of the Ind. Rev.

-Changed the way Child Labor was thought about.

-Capitalism was an easier way for the government to stay out of the trading system.

The Richer got Richer.. The Poorer got Poorer.

Positive Results of the Ind. Rev.

-Child Labor had ended

-There were new discoveries of technology

-New Mobiles

Do the Positives Outweigh the Negatives?

I think the positives do outweigh the negatives because there are new technologies, child labor has ended, and people found new ways to do work and manufacture.  

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