Documentary - The artistic representation of reality.


A genre is certain type of category or style

e.g music, art history etc

There are many different types of documentary genres including

This is an example of a Mockumentary, or mock documentary, this is a short clip about a mother who is known for rolling on her side, it is set in they style of a Biographical Documentary.

Q1 - Is this an objective, or subjective type of documentary

Objective vs Subjective

In the context of documentary, an objective documentary is a documentary that is not influenced by the views by another person. It is informative, they are meant to educate you. A subjective documentary is a documentary that has been influenced and made to fit a perspective.

Watch this short clip below.

Q2 - Is this an objective or subjective documentary?

Q3 - What type of genre is this?

Entry Event!!!

Family   Feud

Split the class into two groups. 9.1/9.2 9.3/9.4 etc, or split the class from group numbers e.g All even groups vs All odd groups

A question will be asked to both groups and and the quickest one to answer will get a point. First group to 10 points wins, the losing group has to clean up the classroom.

Class teams will consist of 5 members, 2 will be chosen by their respective groups members, the other 3 members will be chosen by a random name generator.

Q1 - What is the definition of a documentary?

Q2 - What is actuality?

Q3 - What is the different between objective and subjective?

Q4 - Name 5 types of genres for documentaries.

Q5 - What is the three act structure of a documentary? Describe all three.

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