The Holy Land of the Helix

Religion: In this fine country of ours, the majority of us worship the Lord Helix and his ability to keep the evil powers of the Dome Fossil at bay. The story of our belief begins with a boy named Red being sent on a journey across the land and along the way, he comes across Lord Helix and the Dome Fossil in their tombs and was spoken to by both from beyond the grave. Lord Helix offered to teach him the wonders of the world but the Dome Fossil tried to tempt Red with power and wealth. However, Red took the Helix Fossil with him and they set out on a journey to resurrect Helix. Along the way, allies were made, friends were lost, and worshipers of the evil Dome Fossil were destroyed. When they reached the island of Cinnabar, Lord Helix was resurrected and the band of holy men set out to defeat the Dome Fossil once and for all. It was a long and hard battle, but they were successful and the land was safe.

Education: Here in Kanto the minimal education requirement is that a student must be at least 10 years of age to drop school. While the leaders of the country do not recommend this course of action, our founders and even Lord Helix himself have supposedly said that the choice has some, if very few, benefits. Anyone can get an education and the first 18 years of education are free but college is paid for by the student and/or parents along with financial aid if the qualifications are met. After the age of 10, if a child chooses to stay in school many career options are open to them. Some very popular careers include but are not limited to, electrician, biologist, doctor, nurse, and the military. If a child chooses to drop school at 10 years old, the majority of them become preachers for the Lord Helix or whatever religion they choose to be a part of. The others sadly, will often end up in dead end jobs or homeless, but our country has made sure to provide for as many of this group as possible.

Climate: The climate in Kanto can vary greatly from area to area. Some areas are famed for volcanoes and scattered islands and others have deep dark forests or large open grasslands. Overall the climate is fairly temperate with very few extremes to speak of. We have a few very extensive caves and mountains scattered throughout the country. The most famous landform in our country is Mt. Moon which is considered holy by the worshipers of the Helix for it is said that is was where Lord Helix was found in his tomb.

Creative Expression: The people generally enjoy pastimes similar to other countries, with our own famous actors/actresses, directors, etc. The majority of the populous also enjoys many foreign films and songs, particularly from the United States, and has even established  an equivalent to Billboard. Generally Kanto's citizens enjoy a very lively lifestyle with many festival's occurring throughout the year. The most popular festival is the one celebrating the unity of our once split country which fought over the land. The festival lasts for three days and at the end it has a large party to finish with a grand finale.

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to hear about the country of Kanto and I hope you enjoyed the presentation.

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