12.30 P.M

I have three more hours of school.On Fridays, we have Physical Education.

3:30 P.M

I walk next door to my sister's school.Every other Wednesday, I have dance class.We are learning traditional thai dances.

4:30 P.M

Dad picks us up.At home,I take a another shower.Then I help my grandmother take care of my baby cousin Je'teame.  

9:00 P.M

Before going to sleep, I pray that my family and friends will be healthy and happy.

A Day in the life of a student in Thailand.........

Her name is Laddawadee  Maroomdee she lives with her parents,sister,cousin,and Grandmother.

5:50 a.m

I wake up and eat breakfast, porridge,made of rice and milk.

6:45 A.M

Before we leave,we pray at a shrine in our living room.Then we climb into Dad's pickup truck. My school is less than a half mile away, but it can take 40 minutes to get there because of traffic jams.

11:30 A.M

Lunch, I eat Kluary Tiaow which is noodles and, rice or gai tawt, which is chicken.   


6:30 A.M

At six-thirty I wake up and get ready for school.As soon as I'm done with doing my hair and put my shoes on I go to my living room and get everything I need for school and wait until seven-ten.After I get outside I walk over to my bus stop and wait for my bus to come and pick everyone up.   

8:30 a.m

I'm in my first period class which is composition/writing

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