Bullets and Ballots

Emma Gosselin

1.) What groups are involved, who had the power?

There were the Peasants, the Gorillas, the U.S., and the Army and Wealthy. In the beginning the Army and the Wealthy was the most powerful with 200 MSU's, but ultimately the U.S. was the most powerful.

2.) How did the balance of power shift and why?

I was part of the Army and the Wealthy. Our first plan was to become allies with the U.S., who was the ultimate power of Guatemala, and to take down the Gorillas. The Gorillas started out by taking 10 MSU's from my country. After that there were negotiations being talked about, maybe even alliances. But the U.S. then turned bad, they took over Guatemala and forced rules on each individual country. They forced Peasants to be Gorillas, and the Gorillas were put under imprisonment.  They made our country join their army or die. All of Guatemala was enraged by the U.S.'s actions so we teamed up to take down the U.S.. We weren't able to pursue our plans, and the U.S. ended up winning the game.

3.) How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game (violence/corruption/war)?

In the beginning, there was mostly conflict in our game. The countries were planning to take down each other, my country wanted to bomb the Gorillas. But then we realized we had to work together to get what we want. The U.S. had signed a treaty with the Gorillas, but they turned the tables the next day. They went against everything they had said and took over Guatemala

4.) What role did the US have on the simulation?

The U.S. had the greatest role. To start out, everything had to be passed by them. They were ultimately the most powerful country. That made everyone want to team up with them, they were basically destined to win. The U.S. was in control from the beginning. This is kind of how it is in real life. The U.S. is the most powerful, we start wars that we have no business in. A recent example would be Iraq  Our country tries to change their ways to be more like us, but what if they like the way their country is? I think we should stay out of it until they call upon us.

5.) What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negative?

The effect is usually negative, they are put under control. The ruling country usually gives them strict rules and becomes unfair. When the power shifts, the way of life basically changes. The country could go from dictatorship to democracy. The U.S. actually changed the way of life in Iraq. We started a war and killed their president, Saddam Hussein, who was a dictator. The Iraq government is now a democratic government.  

6.) Apply to your life. How do you have cooperation and conflict?

The most conflict in my life is with my family and friends. My sister and I get along for the most part, but shes annoying at times. She likes to take my clothes, a lot. Sometimes we cooperate. She will text me and ask if she can borrow stuff and I'll let her. But other times she just takes without asking and we end up fighting. Another example would be friend. Whenever she has food we usually cooperate and split it in half. But other times shes mean and eats it all, then we end up fighting.  

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