Home Lighting Options

Looking for some brilliant options to light up your home? You can find many that will not just illuminate your space but make it look bright and attractive. Visit any lighting shop in Perth and you will be confused with the numerous options at your disposal.

Choosing the light source is the first step towards good lighting. Currently, you will find tungsten bulbs, CFLs and the new LED bulbs to choose from. Each of these illuminating sources comes with some advantages over the other. LEDs have high luminosity, high average life, low power consumption rate and relatively low operating costs. LEDs come with 1 year warranty.

Typically, you can find all kinds of lamps and lamp shades to fit into your home decor and theme. Right from the traditional styles like the watchman’s lantern to the contemporary geometrical designs, options are endless. Some lighting shops in Perth also offer lamps made of recycled wood which are an artwork in itself. StoriesontheWall, a reputed lighting shop in Perth has huge assimilation of lamps and lamp shade. They offer lamps made of naturally weathered fishing boats which are unique and rare to find.

In Perth, you can find many exclusive lighting stores from where you can buy lamps and lamp shades in beautiful colours and designs. The popular categories of lamps include floor lamps, picture lights, wall spot lights, wall mounted lights, bathroom lights, night lights, outdoor lights and garden lights. Just like the light source, choosing unique types of lamps and lamp shades you can make your home look bright, colourful and cheerful. So, search for the best online store for lamps and lights in Perth today.