Louis Desmarteaux – Tennis Man

Louis Desmarteaux is a man that is all about tennis. He is also a man of achievement as he holds an MBA from Northeastern University in Finances and Management and an undergraduate degree from St. John’s University. His career in tennis was a successful one that started in his youth. He found himself competing in Canada as an under 16 youth player. He won a number of significant tournaments and was recognized for his hard work and achievements from all over Canada. Canada has produced many top level players over the years and Louis is certainly on that list.

Louis Desmarteaux went on to play for St. John’s University, as a captain on the men’s tennis team. This intercollegiate sports has a long history of prestige and competitive highlights over the course of history. Louis’ achievement as an excellent player carried on into every facet of his life as he has continued his tennis career and went on to be an excellent student at Northeastern University. Louis went on to be a top tennis talent, playing in the Boston Pro Club for some time. There he competed against some of the top players in the world and gained earnings as time went on. He has always been about developing talent, both his own and that of his students. As a trainer for the USTA, he gets the opportunity to work with students in all phases of the game, helping them achieve the most of their ability through hard work and dedication.