Adam Jiwan

Worldwide Manager Adam Jiwan

About Adam Jiwan

Over the course of his career, Adam Jiwan has run investment businesses on three continents. He has also had a key role in acquiring and developing investment talent. Early in his career, Adam Jiwan benefited from receiving significant responsibility as an analyst at Soros Fund Management LLC, where he was given authority to trade on behalf of the Chief Investment Officer when Adam was only 26 years old. He has gone on to guide others at several companies.

A few years after leaving Soros Management, Adam Jiwan joined the investment firm TPG-Axon Capital Management. He became involved in the company’s recruiting efforts during his first year with the business, and he helped build its global investment team during the run-up to the launch of its European office in London. Adam Jiwan spent several years in London, where he oversaw an office of 20, before relocating to Hong Kong as a partner and Co-CEO of TPG-Axon Capital (HK), Ltd., TPG-Axon’s Asian hub. His duties in Hong Kong included managing the investment team and making significant investments on a global basis.

At Ridge Road Partners, where he currently serves as a managing partner, Adam Jiwan has turned his focus from mentoring junior traders to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Ridge Road Partners takes an active role in its investing, looking for ways in which Mr. Jiwan and his partner, a serial entrepreneur, can add value to the businesses in which they invest. Both partners invest using their own capital and are unafraid to engage directly with their portfolio companies. In 2013, Ridge Road concluded deals on three continents, selecting three opportunities out of over 15 it evaluated.

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