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Adam Noll and Outdoor Adventure Training

About Adam Noll

Adam Noll is a lifelong athlete and outdoors enthusiast who holds a bachelor of elementary and middle school education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Since 2012, he has directed his own private wilderness preparedness and nature instruction program on Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Operating under the name Outdoor Adventure Training LLC, this organization teaches students a wide range of general and specific outdoor skills including survival techniques, map and compass reading, and winter hiking readiness. Adam Noll draws upon years of experience as a schoolteacher and community volunteer to pass on a love of nature to the next generation of outdoor adventurers.

Adam Noll is currently developing a number of online courses that will expand Outdoor Adventure Training’s outreach into cyberspace. Mr. Noll also recently participated with Outdoor Chattanooga to provide a free Map and Compass Skills class, and partnered with the Chattanooga-area fitness franchise Workout Anytime to help provide its members with healthy-living initiatives, and organized nature outings.

Being Outside Is Good for You

Adam Noll, the owner of Outdoor Adventure Training, LLC, teaches people how to be comfortable exploring the outdoors. Adam Noll offers many opportunities to safely navigate in the outdoors, from hikes to backpacking trips to whitewater rafting. Visit to learn more.

Research has long proven that being outside is beneficial in many ways. For example, Norwegian researchers found evidence that gardening reduces depression symptoms within 12 weeks. Waterfalls are full of negative ions that are natural antidepressants. Breathing negative ions for an hour can improve energy levels by lowering blood lactate levels.

Being outside overall is a mood booster. People who choose to exercise outside tend to move faster and experience more positive emotions than their indoor counterparts. Those who live and walk through rural areas find themselves less overwhelmed by their to-do lists than those who live in urban areas.

It’s not just the fresh air that is helpful. Even looking at the sights found in nature, like the mountains and the forests, heightens activity in the area of the brain linked to positive outlook and emotional stability.

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