Adam Wies - English Teacher and Scholar in Dickens's Rhetoric

Over the course of his teaching career, Adam Wies has provided skills-based instruction while introducing students to the field of literature analysis. He held his first teaching position at California's Palo Alto Preparatory School, where he taught honors-level world and British literature as well as grammar and composition. Adam Wies has since taught at the middle school and high school levels across the San Francisco Bay Area, including in San Jose at Leadership Public Schools. He now teaches at Redwood City's Roosevelt School, where he offers differentiated instruction to a variety of learners.

Adam Wies also has served as a guest lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, where he presented on metaphor and rhetoric in three works of William Shakespeare. He visited an upper-level class to discuss the use of rhetoric and literary strategy by Charles Dickens and gave a presentation on rhetorical tropes and schemes as a dialogue tool within Great Expectations. Also a former guest lecturer at Skyline Junior College and Notre Dame de Namur University, Mr. Wies led students to an in-depth analysis of rhetorical device use and effects in the work of Charles Dickens.

At Notre Dame de Namur University, Adam Wies completed his master's thesis on environmental descriptors in the work of Dickens. He also holds a bachelor of arts in liberal arts, in which program he concentrated in child and adolescent psychology and motivation.