Ad Astra Recovery Services

A Look at Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc.

About Ad Astra Recovery Services

Based out of Wichita, Kansas, Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc., is a recovery agency. Serving the industry nationwide, the company follows all applicable laws and regulations when contacting consumers. Providing a no-hassle experience, Ad Astra Recovery Services relies on well-trained employees and state-of-the-art computer programs to provide its clients with superior services. Among the advantages the firm offers clients are nationwide coverage and online access to accounts.

Active in its industry, Ad Astra belongs to several professional organizations. A member of ACA International, it follows the 75-year-old organization's rules for ethical conduct and applies many of its solutions. As part of the accounts receivable management industry, the company holds membership in insideARM's Credit and Collections Executive Peer Group, as well as the Consumer Data Industry Association, which develops ways to guard against fraud and identity theft.

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