Come To The Amazing French Trenches

These trenches are something you don't want to miss

Why should you come? Here are five reasons to start.

One, the trenches are filled with water and mud. It's a perfect place to house diseases.

Two, The soldiers in the trenches have trouble moving around in the mud. It's very easy to jump onto them.

Three, There are many rats going into the trenches. Going on to a rat is an easy way to get into the trenches.

Four, The soldiers aren't really moving anywhere. They're staying in the trenches, very easy to find a soldier to go onto.

Five, The soldiers don't have any effective way of getting rid of us.

What Are You Waiting For?

There's plenty of people for you to feed on. Perfect Conditions, there's no reason for you not to come here. Come here as soon as you can, or other lice might take your place.

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