🎶 5 Reasons to Add Music to Your Tackk 🎶

Embedding music into a Tackk has never been easier. We're partnered with Embedly which gives you plenty of options to add your favorite tunes right into a Tackk.

Choose from any of these audio apps to embed into your Tackk.

1. Create Music Portfolios

Upload your music to SoundCloud and embed your very own self-titled jams into a Tackk to create an organized list of all your music.

Ex: Music portfolio assignment

2. Enhance a Presentation

Add a YouTube video or song from Vevo to give your viewers a visual experience.

Ex: A presentation on Syracuse University

3. Create a Tackk Playlist

Connect to your Spotify account and instantly upload your favorite Spotify playlists.

Ex: Students are assigned to create a personification playlist

4. Make Your Tackk Interactive

Give your viewers the power to click and watch different songs and music videos.

Ex: Viewers are prompted to listen to different songs and answer questions based on what they heard.

5. Show off Your Favorite Tunes!

Have an awesome playlist your created with all of your fav tunes? Share it in a Tackk!

Ex: The ultimate pick-me-up playlist