Adeeb Azizi

Real Estate Leader Adeeb Azizi of Alberta

Abput Adeeb Azizi

Adeeb Azizi is a senior real estate associate at XCD Realty & Property Management. He also holds leadership responsibilities at Capcity Realty Group and CA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, a California property management newly launched in Southern California. Adeeb Azizi has earned considerable success during his 10 years of experience in Canadian real estate market and hopes to duplicate the success in the US market with his new company. CA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, has already received considerable praise in the market, as it contains a non profit division that will be launched to provide property management services for the low income areas of Southern California.

As manager of a team of aspiring staff members, he is tasked with developing and directing his team and hence, since personnel is the key asset of any real estate firm, securing the company's future. Adeeb Azizi also manages the entire third party asset portfolio of the company, estimated to be in the vicinity of $500M over the course of the next 3 years.

In his spare time, Mr. Azizi enjoys a wealth of hobbies. A sports fan, he appreciates not only professional football, but also soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey during their seasons. He also takes on duties as a volunteer, and has counseled youth and joined relief efforts after natural disasters. 

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