Adewale Gbalajobi, Calgary, Canada

President of Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc.

About Adewale Gbalajobi

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Adewale Gbalajobi serves as president of the global investment advisory firm Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc. At his firm, Gbalajobi consults on minimizing taxes, raising investment capital, choosing alternative investment strategies, and managing one's portfolio. He also assists with establishing offshore banking, which he previously carried out for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Adewale Gbalajobi also advises businesses on obtaining health and dental coverage.

Before joining Aquafinancial Consulting, Gbalajobi garnered experience in several roles at CIBC. The recipient of three CIBC Achievers Awards, he started with the organization as a branch manager. His section’s growth during his four years in the position regularly outperformed the district, region, and bank as a whole. Subsequently, Adewale Gbalajobi served as community manager for the organization and raised brand awareness through outreach and good corporate citizen initiatives. Following the completion of the firm’s management training program, he served as acting regional marketing manager for the Alberta and Northwest Territories. Preceding his current position, Gbalajobi promoted BizSmart, CIBC's no-fee Internet banking business service, throughout Western Canada by meeting with customers, training staff, and meeting sales quotas.

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