Valerie Venier 3rd Hour

During the Industrial Revolution everything was changing, from the way they made fabric to the amount of infant deaths per year, everything was different. One of the biggest changes they made was going from making products by hand, to using machines. Because the machines were so fast, more products were produced at a quicker rate causing the annual GPN to increase. Although using machines had its perks, the machines were very dangerous to work causing more and more injuries such as lost limbs. The machines also required a certain type of worker, preferably one small enough to crawl into the spaces between machines and make small repairs without having to slowdown the production, and light enough to stand on top of the machines without breaking them. Of course a child was the perfect choice and the machines were easy enough to work that they could run them, so that's exactly what happened. During the Industrial revolution some things were changing for the better, some for the worst like the amount of children under the age of 15 working in factories, or the way it seemed to be helping out the wealthy but crushing the lower classes. However some changes were neither good nor bad, but simply new, such as the many new inventions that came about during the time, like the vote recorder, printing telegraph, automatic telegraph, phonograph, electric motor, and many more. The Industrial Revolution was a time for change, everything was being done differently, some changes turned out poorly, but others led to even more advancements in history to get us to where we are today.

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