Summary and Analysis Project

By:Krinna Patel

Sampson purposely created distraction so Charles and everyone can run away.

                                                                 Values of a Father

          In Interlude 10, Sampson did not like being old because he has nothing but time to remember. He looks back at his past but doesn’t have much worth remembering. He remembers when his own son Charles hit him but he was not strong enough to hurt Sampson with his wrist but it was that look on Charles’ face that knocked Sampson on the ground and kept him lying there.

              Then, Sampson thought he had been a good father to Charles because he was all Sampson had after Charles’ mama passes away giving birth to him. But the look on Charles’ face told him that he hated him. Sampson thought his life was despised after his own son hated him. He just wanted his son to be proud of him, and look up to him as someone he would want to be like. Sampson didn’t tell mistress Henfield that Charles and everyone ran away because he knew that Mistress Henfield would send Jake Pendle after them, and Jake would’ve killed all of them if he found them, including the baby so Sampson stayed Quiet.

            After Mistress Henfield found out that everyone were gone, she thought they must have set the barn on fire to cause a distraction so they could run away Sampson just wished he didn’t have to die and his son would never know that his heart isn’t like it was before, that he did his part to help the others escape. If Charles knew that about his father then he would’ve been proud of him.

Master Butler sold Emma to Miss Henfield and Emma got separated from her family.


                                                          The Root to Freedom

             To fully understand the theme, while money can buy the flesh of another, a large plantation or fancy clothes, it cannot but true happiness or contentment in Julius Lester’s novel, The Day of Tear one should examine the Marxist lens through power, value and freedom. In interlude ten “Sampson as an old man” where Jake Pendel and Mistress Henfield has the power and control over all the slaves. 

           The interlude ten “Sampson as an old man” is focused on the power that Mistress Henfield and Jake Pendle have. Along with Sampson’s breaking his belief when Charles and the others ran away for their freedom from slavery. First of all, in this chapter deals with power that Mistress Henfield and Jake Pendle have. Sampson couldn’t tell Mistress Henfield that everyone ran away because she had the power to send Jake Pendle after then and he has the power to kill any runaway slave. Charles and the others are Mistress Henfield’s property because she owns them. She has power over them. Sampson is not against slavery because he thinks the whites give them everything they need to survive such as food, clothes, and shelter. Sampson told his son Charles that their master Mistress Henfield has given them everything they want which the slaves wouldn't be able to get all the food and clothes and a roof over their head on their own. Knowing all this Charles still wanted freedom from slavery because he didn't wanted to be owned by anyone he just wanted to be free and didn't want his baby to grow into slavery, he wanted to be a free man. Sampson saw that in Charles’ eye thats why he kept laying on the ground when Charles’ hit him. Sampson knew that they wouldn't be anything without the slave owners but he also didn't stop them on purpose because he didn't want his grandchild to grow up and become a  slave.

                    Master Butler in this novel also have the power. He used it the wrong way. He had a big grambling debt and he sold Emma. He separated a daughter from her parents. He sold her so he can get the money to pay of the debt. In this case Master Butler has the power to do anything with their even if it means to separating a family then he will because he is the owner. The slaves are like property to him he can sell them whenever he wants for money.

               In this chapter we saw the power and he control the slave owners had over their slaves. Viewing Interlude 10 of Lester’s novel through marxist lens helps one understand the power of owning someone like if they are their property.

Charles & others run away because they want freedom & not to be owned by anyone.

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