The Byzantine Empire

This is where the empire is located:

The Byzantine Empire is the eastern half of the old Roman Empire.

How the Byzantine Empire compared with the Roman Empire:

                           Capital                     Religion                 Language              Other Information

  Roman:                Rome                 Roman Catholic             Latin            Western half of the old Roman Empire; Fell into the Dark Ages

Byzantine:         Constantinople           Eastern Orthodox         Greek          Grew strong and lasted for 1000 years.         

Impact on Russia

-Religion: Eastern Orthodox spread to Russia (known as Russian Orthodox)
-Trade: Many Byzantine ideas were introduced into Russia through trade like: The Cyrillic alphabet, Religion, Artwork, and Architecture.

Justinian's Code: The laws of the Byzantine Empire based on the "Twelve tables" of Roman Law, became a basis for laws in many European nations.
Art and Architecture: Usually supported the Christian Church
Preservers of Greek and Roman culture: The Byzantine Empire saved the knowledge, art, and ideas of the old Roman and Greek cultures.

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