February 2015

Genius Hour
(featuring AD Second Grade)

Genius Hour is time set aside in class for students to study their passion on a new idea or skill once a week for a set amount of time. Students take ownership in their own learning. They learn about something they want to learn about. Genius Hour sparks curiosity, and students have an opportunity to become their own Genius. Genius Hour encourages life-long learning, imagination, innovation, perseverance, self-awareness, adaptability, as well as other life-lessons.

I chose to implement Genius Hour in my classroom because I feel that through passion students are more likely to retain content and learn invaluable research and digital skills. I wanted to give my students an opportunity to be creative and innovative on their own terms. I wanted to give them an opportunity to make school about them, even if it’s only for an hour.

-Carly Perkins

Launching Genius Hour

“I like Genius Hour because I can choose what I want to research and it is fun getting to create a presentation.”
-Miranda M


“I like it because I get to research what I want.”
-Hudson G


“I like Genius Hour because I get to learn things I didn’t know about before.”
-Joe M


“I like it because I get to share what I like to do!”
-Ciara D

Additional Information about Genius Hour

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