January 2015

Student Blogging
(featuring AD Fourth Grade)

Students have been posting work and a lot of their final writing pieces on class blogs. They then go in and comment on other kids’ pieces. It is a great way to teach students how to give feedback, and what to do once you have received feedback. It allows students to get more comments and suggestions than the teacher has time to give them alone. Parents are also invited to get in on the action and have been asked to make sure to give their child something constructive when commenting, so their child is getting real feedback and learning more about the writing process.

“I like to be able to see other people’s writing. I also like to get feedback from others on my finished blogs. It’s fun to blog about what we have done, our favorite art, our favorite books. It’s just fun to see what other people are writing about”. -Grace

"I like it... I like to see other peoples comments on my work and what their thoughts are. My favorite assignment was on what we did over break for winter. It was neat to see what others were doing over break and we could discuss it. I really like how you get to post things on your own. When we did writing pieces we could see everyone’s. Wish I didn’t have to sign in to get in every time." -Marissa

"Sometimes we do assignments on KidBlog and sometimes we write a paragraph and post it on the blog. I like how we are able to do that instead of just write in our notebooks. It’s easier to type than write. People around the world can see our writing. I like the comments because you can see what other people think about your post." -Hailey

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