Native people from the coastal plains

A powwow was a medicine man  in a tribe .A powwows job included  healing the sick and calling up spirits in ceremonies. The woman where in charge of building  there shelter. Boys learned how to make bow and arrows and kill birds in flight. When the boys got older there lives depended on there hunt.

corn is used in bread ,soup ,ash cake and foods for the trail.american indians went fishing in lakes ,rivers,and the ocean. They ate deer,elk, and moose. The animals were used for other things like shelter,clothing,tools,toys and decorations.  

American indians  made canoes  out of  birch bark  the design was so good that they still use it today. Native americans spoke  kind of a French,Italian,Spanish way. Native Americans believed that good and bad dreams float around at night so they make dream catchers. Native Americans were good at meeting new people .  Dogs  where  used as sacrifices and beasts.

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