Fate and Free Will

Film Unit - "The Adjustment Bureau" and writing introductions

Important Documents

Part 1 - The Silent Discussion on Fate

  • Doc 1 - The Quotes With Student Responses: E Block, F Block, G Block, H Block

Film Analysis Info

The Adjustment Bureau Assignment

You will watch the movie, "The Adjustment Bureau" directed by George Nolfi, and will use your knowledge of film terminology and your selected quote about fate to answer the following question:

Through the use of TWO film techniques, how does George Nolfi's film "The Adjustment Bureau" either validate or invalidate your selected quote about fate and free will?

The final product will be a full introduction and an outline of the rest of the paper, due on turnitin.com upon return from break.

Adjustment Documents

Writing the Intro

Turning in Your Work

DUE JANUARY 9 at anytime!

Turn in the OUTLINE on Google Classroom - Doc 15

Turn in your INTRO on Turnitin.com


Clips to Re-watch

If you missed something important, or need to supplement your notes, please refer to the following clips: