Daily 5 and Guided Reading is it truly Effective?

Looking at how Daily 5 and Guided Reading affecting 2nd Graders and their Development Reading Assessment Scores

Amanda Koenig- Teacher Researcher- Fall 2014


My project focuses on my 2nd grade classrooms Daily 5 and Guided Reading program. My teacher and I are focusing on how this program is working in the classroom and whether or not it is increasing students Developmental Reading Assessment scores and their reading levels.

Research Question

How does Guided Reading and Daily 5 impact students DRA scores and adequate yearly progress?

Research Design

Curriculum Analysis- Looking at how students DRA scores are being changed through Daily 5 and guided reading approaches.


There are 23 second graders in my study. All 23 are in the same classroom at a Central PA elementary school. The participants are between the ages of 6-8. There are 10 girls and 13 boys.


My project is taking place in a 2nd grade general education classroom at an elementary school in Central PA. The project takes place during student literacy instruction block. This school is placed in a middle class community.

Data Collection

I collected data from 23 students for a 12 week period. Students were given a pre-test DRA at the beginning of the school year. Then students where given one 12 weeks later to see their progress. Ways I collected Data - observations of students work ethic and interactions during Daily 5, collection of students work, observation of Guided Reading Groups, informal interviews with my host teacher and students, collection of Developmental Reading Scores from students.

Data Analysis

I plan to analyze my data by looking at how DRA scores changed over the 12 week period. I want to see how students scores increased and match up students scores with the observations and work samples collected to see how what they have been doing during daily 5 and the work samples from guided reading line up with their DRA scores. I will use the observations and interview with my teacher to see how Daily 5 impacts my students scores and how their work ethic during that time period impacts their reading levels and achievement over the last 12 weeks.


I hope my data will revel that Daily 5 and Guided Reading programs in my classroom are increasing students DRA scores and their overall literacy achievement. If they are my teacher and I are going to talk about what is working and what is not working with the program so that we can make it stronger. If we find that scores do not improve as we hope we will look at the program and figure out what we need to change and re-design for it it  be a better and more effective program for the students in my classroom to improve.


One of the major limitations was the time I had with the students in their classroom. I only got to see them one day a week at the same time. I could not get an idea of how they interact all week and work all week during Daily 5. I also have not had the chance to observe students during Daily 5 when there is only one teacher in the classroom and no one to help prod them to do their work and stay on task. I was also limited to only have DRA scores from three months rather then seeing how the children improve over the entire year.

New Design/Data Collection

I would change my data collection and design by giving students a pre-test DRA on the first week of school to see where they were coming in at before the school year truly started. I then would have made a progress chart for each participant that would have been updated over time and observations that can be made that are linked to each specific child rather then generalizations of the entire class and groups of participants.


I found throughout this project that there were many things I would change and many things that led me to another question to begin to look at. I found that daily 5 is effective in its own ways and is a way for students to explore and be independent in their reading. I would continue to do this project in the classroom if I was there longer and approach the new questions that are forming.


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