Halloween Pheasant Hunt

I enjoy Hunting With My dad

We start the day with pheasant hunting and we go all day until sunset.  Then we go back to the lodge and eat some of the birds we just shot.  After that we go outside and tell stories around the campfire.  There is a fee though it is $50 per person we feed you and give a place to stay plus the guide's.  We have pheasant dogs they are top dogs.

It starts at 12:00 noon on the 31st of October.  It takes place at Glovich's family hunting lodge.  Your guides will be Jacob Glovich and his dad Mike Glovich.  He has land and he knows where the birds are.  He is 13 and he enjoys hunting with his dad.  You need to bring your small game license in order to hunt.  We will have lunch at 12:15 pm we will have pheasant legs and mash potatoes.  For a drink we will have pop of water.  At 7:15 pm the sun will set and we will go back to the lodge to clean the birds.  Then we will have supper and grill some pheasant kabobs.

We are family business thats been in the family for 2 generations.

Down below I have some pics.

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